Being nice is something that most of us are taught from an early age. Share your candy, help your friends and lend a helping hand to stranger, whenever you can. Showing kindness to people doesn’t take a lot, but all too often, when people get older, they think they are too busy to help other people and some of that kindness disappears. Being kind, though, doesn’t only help the person who receives your kindness; it can be good for you too. Here are ten very good reasons for you to do random acts of kindness regularly.

1. Showing kindness makes you feel good about yourself

As the saying goes: ‘It’s far better to give than it is to receive’. It’s also a scientific fact! Studies have shown that the giver of kindness gains even more of a positive boost to their feelings, than the recipient does.

2. Your good deeds will be repaid one day

What comes around goes around, and one day, it could be you that is in need of a little kindness. If you do people favours, when you can, it is far more likely that they will return the favour when you are the one who needs some help.

3. Random acts of kindness can help take your mind off your own problems

Doing random acts of kindness, even when you are struggling with your own problems, will help you look beyond the things that are troubling you. By doing that, you might even find that you can see a way through your own issues more easily.

4. It will improve your own self-respect

You will have a far better opinion of yourself when you help others too. However small the act of kindness that you do may seem, the mere fact that you did it all will be a boost your own self-esteem.

5. Random acts of kindness can help relieve feelings of guilt and stress

We all do things sometimes that we are not proud of, and most people suffer from some degree of stress. Random acts of kindness can help you forgive yourself for the things that you may have done to hurt others and it can also help reduce your feelings of stress too.

6. You will become a more likable person

Kind and considerate people are more likely to have a wide circle of friends. Everyone needs friends in their lives, to support and encourage them, and those with more friends are often more productive as well.

7. You will encourage others to be kind too

When other people see you being kind, they will be inspired to be kind too. Just think, every one of your random acts of kindness could snowball into many more. How satisfying would that be?

8. Random acts of kindness will make you a stronger person

A truly kind person doesn’t pick and choose who they show their kindness to, and that sometimes means being nice to people you don’t even like. Random acts of kindness can make you stretch yourself more and, perhaps, even push you to help people that you had previously despised.

9. It will make you more of an optimist

When you find out just how much one little act of kindness can mean to someone else, it can give you hope and optimism for the future. You might even renew someone else’s faith in humanity and that could make a massive difference to someone’s life.

10. Random acts of kindness will add meaning to your life

If everything you do, you do for you, you will never experience the satisfaction of knowing that you have done some good along the way. Random acts of kindness will make your life seem more meaningful and you can spread some happiness around, while you’re doing them too.